This is a kind of game, or launch pad for new crypto projects.
Don’t want to use this to get rich. (But maybe you can use it to get rich.)

It is a new way to discover good projects and expand the ecosystem of projects.

Sign up and go to My Rocketz

The process of making your own coin locket is the process of earning coins.
You can collect coins through activities such as research and assembly. It’s simple. just click

This is just a fun expression.
Imagine your coin as a rocket. Maybe your coins will send you to the moon.
Research and development are simple activities. Click every hour. 

it is not diffcult. you just click Then somewhere else the research and development is going on for you.

Coins above a certain amount can be withdrawn.
(For example, 10 million or more for ANKO)
When the condition is met, the ‘LAUNCH’ (withdrawal) button is activated.
Just put in your wallet address.
No cumbersome procedures.

Coin Withdrawal &
Service Reorganization

The amount of coins you have acquired will be sent on February 15th, or you can apply for withdrawal directly.
We apologize for the delay in processing and would appreciate your patience.

현재 보유하신 잔액은 2월 15일 일괄발송 드리거나 , 코인로케츠 재가동을 하거나 (재가동인 경우 직접 인출 신청) 하려고 합니다. 처리가 늦어져 죄송하며 조금 기다려 주시면 감사하겠습니다.